Our Mission

Ossium’s mission is to improve human health through driving innovation in biotechnology that fosters the preservation of life.

Our Vision

Ossium’s vision is a future in which scientific progress enables humans to live without disease.

Ossium Leadership

Kevin Caldwell, Esq.
Co-Founder, President & CEO
Dr. Erik Woods
Co-Founder, Chief Science Officer
Prof. Gerald Brandacher
Founding Scientific Advisor
Prof. David Sachs
Founding Scientific Advisor

Ossium Team

Dr. W. Scott Goebel
Medical Director
Dr. Margie Mathewson
Director of Operations & Business Development
Dr. Brian Johnstone
Director of Research and Development
Carolyn McGary
Director of Quality Systems
Dr. Dongsheng Gu
Senior Scientist
Aubrey Sherry, MS
Cellular Therapy Technologist II
Ashleigh Labbe
Cellular Therapy Technologist II
Kelsey Musall
Cellular Therapy Technologist II
Nicholas Pennington
Cellular Therapy Technologist II
Jesse Kirkpatrick
Document Manager
Darian Flores
Laboratory Assistant

Ossium Advisors

Dr. James Peyer
Scientific Advisor
Jesse Horwitz
Business Advisor
Tim Abbott, MS
Business Advisor


To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle,

requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.

– Albert Einstein