Ossium is building the world's first bone marrow bank to treat blood cancers, improve organ transplantation, and repair damage from radiation. The company was founded in 2016 to revolutionize bioengineering, with the ultimate goal of ending disease

Our Mission

Ossium’s mission is to improve human health. We will deploy cellular therapeutics, bioengineering, and other regenerative medical tools to produce lasting gains in the health, vitality, and longevity of human beings. In pursuit of these goals, we will foster a culture that empowers our stakeholders, maintain the highest standards of operational excellence, and be a force for good.

Our Vision

Ossium’s vision is a future in which scientific progress enables humans to live without disease.

Ossium Leadership

Kevin Caldwell, Esq.
Co-Founder, President & CEO
Dr. Erik Woods
Co-Founder, Chief Science Officer

Ossium Team

Joyce Abad
Quality Associate II
Dr. Wa'el Al Rawashdeh
Director of Development
Emma Arndt
Production Associate I
Kevin Blankenberger
Quality Control Associate
Michael Blue
Material Handler
Abegail Brar
Donor Manager
Kimberly Buchanan
Research and Development Associate III
Oliver Cacananta, MBA
Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs
Christopher Carpenter
Equipment Technician
Karina Chavarria, MA
Senior Donor Manager
Kevin Cox
Supervisor, Production
Bala Damarla
Quality Associate
Jason Eder
Supply Chain Buyer
Jianguang Du
Senior Scientist
Darian Flores
Associate Supervisor
Jay Gardner
Director of Talent and People Operations
Sara Gebert
Production Supervisor
Brianna Gliesmann
Senior QC Associate
Dr. W. Scott Goebel
Medical Director
Kerry Gray
Production Associate I
Dr. Dongsheng Gu
Senior Investigator
Nyla Haddock
Production Associate II
Tammy Heyward
Senior Quality Specialist
Ellen Hicks
Senior QC Associate
Eric Hong
Clinical Project Manager
Tyler Hoodlebrink
Production Associate I
Connor Hubbard
Business Development Associate
Dr. Brian Johnstone
Vice President of Research
Geney Kim
Executive Assistant to the Co-Founder/CEO | Special Projects Manager, Marketing & Events
Travis Kost
Supervisor, Quality Assurance
Matthew Krach
Research and Development Associate I
Enrico Lazareto
Production Associate I
Brian Legg
Director of Facilities
Daniel Licari
Production Associate I
Chieh-Han Lin
Research and Development Associate I
Dr. Margie Mathewson
Vice President of Business Operations
Katlynn McCray
Senior QC Associate
Kenneth McGraw
Production Associate II
Joey Meck
Quality Associate
Tina Mendenhall
Administrative Assistant
Hannah Miller, MS
Manager, Cell Manufacturing
Kelsey Musall
Manager, Production
Kayla Nichols
Production Associate I
John Niehaus
Technical Supervisor
Gulshan Patil
Data Manager
Wayne Piotrowski
Supply Chain Manager
Theodore Penn
Quality Associate II
Dr. Isaac Plant
Business Development Field Scientist
Behdad Pournader
Senior IT Manager
Matthew Ryll
Donor Field Services Senior Manager
Megan Sannito
Production Supervisor
Aubrey Sherry, MS
Manager, Quality Systems
Kaylee Smith
Production Associate I
Lawrence Staub
Senior Quality Specialist
Cassidy Stow
Production Associate I
Colin Sweeney
Business Strategist
Lily Tir
Production Associate I
Obra Vavrek
Production Associate I
Chip Walker-Wilson
Vice President of Legal
Elisa Weber
Production Associate I
Zachary Webster
Production Associate I
Nick Weinstein
Production Associate II
Jessica Woo-Kim
People Operations Coordinator
Roshanda Works
Kitting and Materials Technician

Ossium Advisors

Dr. James Peyer
Scientific Advisor
Jesse Horwitz
Business Advisor
Tim Abbott, MS
Business Advisor


To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle,

requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.

– Albert Einstein